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Bolt-on Frame

Heavy duty long lasting frames are collapsible and can be used on break-away and tie-on style dustmops. These durable industry standard frames feature a unique handle connecting system with no loose parts.

All frames are constructed of a mild steel wire and either Powder Coated or Zinc plated.

Frames are available in lengths from 18" to 60".
Wire diameter: 0.232 in.

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Width / LengthBlackZinc
5 X 18 mt518BoB mt518BoZ
5 X 24 mt524BoB mt524BoZ
5 X 36 mt536BoB mt536BoZ
5 X 42 mt542BoB mt542BoZ
5 X 48 mt548BoB mt548BoZ
5 X 60 mt560BoB mt560BoZ